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We provide a complete chassis invoice audit, reconciliation, and payment service to Transportation Logistics companies


Around 2010, the Steam Ship Lines decided to end their ownership of chassis. In divesting those chassis, trucking companies were forced to either purchase their own chassis equipment, or lease chassis from equipment providers. As a result, leasing chassis equipment has become a common practice today… and has presented new challenges!

Chassis leasing companies charge a daily rate for the use of their equipment. Trucking Companies who lease chassis receive large, complex invoices and are challenged to audit them, manage disputes, make timely payments and ensure the cost of the chassis has been passed on to their end-customer.

To address these challenges, Verity Solutions has created the Intelligent Chassis Audit, Management and Payment service (iChamp™). With this service, we handle the auditing and reconciliation of your chassis invoices, ensuring you only pay for the services you use, and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our Team

We are made up of highly experienced transportation and logistics industry professionals, who, in combination with our unique technology deliver results and incomparable client service. Our focus on service and results sets us apart from our competitors!

Focus more of your core business and less on administrative tasks! Reduce the time you spend on auditing chassis invoices with iChamp™.


We deliver a streamlined & fully managed Intelligent Chassis Audit, Management, and Payment (iChamp™) Service to Motor Carriers. Through our proprietary iChamp™ system and Expert staff, we handle the auditing and reconciliation of your Chassis Leasing Company invoices, ensuring you only pay for the services you use, and allowing you to focus on your core business. With iChamp, you get:

  • Chassis invoice auditing
  • Dispute management
  • Accurate payment remittance
  • On demand analytics
  • Monthly customer chargeback report
  • Month end accruals
  • Payment confirmation tracking

With our on-demand Customer Chargeback report, you can easily identify situations where you have not billed your customer appropriately for chassis leasing charges, improving your revenue recovery opportunities!

The Verity Solutions Difference

We turn an administrative burden into a revenue generation opportunity.


Our iChamp™ service can be a self-­funded solution: the cost reduction & revenue generation you receive exceeds the cost of our service.

360° Approach

Only Verity Solutions takes a 360° approach to chassis invoice & cost management, meticulously auditing, analyzing, managing disputes, and reporting across all chassis companies.


Unlike other players, we deliver more than just a technology platform. Through our People, and focus on Process, we delivery results.

We provide the business intelligence needed for smart business decisions — including customer chargebacks (revenue recovery.)

Verity Solutions delivers our industry leading, cloud based iChamp™ system to all of our customers. They can use our system to access detailed information and business intelligence dashboards 24/7 at no additional cost.

Tier 3 Rated

Our technology is cloud based and hosted in a Tier 3 rated data center. Your information is secure and always available.

Our Latest News & Events

The “Chassis Problem”
The “Chassis Problem” continues to plague motor carriers and the chassis leasing companies. Motor carriers must monitor the number of days a chassis is used, and manually check invoices to make sure they’re not being mis-billed. They hold back payment of invoices while the audits are being conducted, driving up the Chassis Leasing companies’ Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

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